Which Aspects Google Ads Can You Automate in Australia?

Which Aspects Google Ads Can You Automate in Australia?

AdWords automation allows you to schedule ads. If you are going for a holiday or you do not want to deal with ads on a weekend, you can create ads to run a few days. On the AdWords automation software, you set rules to turn on and off the ads.

The AdWords software also lets you pause ads and keywords that are not performing. You can choose to make changes based on keywords that have reached their cost-per-conversion limit or based ion click-through rates. You need to automate conversion tracking with AdWords to make necessary changes. With conversion tracking, you can see the AdWords scripts that work and those that need pausing.

With Google ads automation, you can modify and schedule bids the same way you make changes on ads and keywords. You can set a rule to bid on a given keyword once it meets specific criteria. When setting rules on bids, you need to set an appropriate data range to allow AdWords enough time to make decisions based on the amount of data you provide.

You can schedule your PPC budget using Google ads software. Some days are more profitable than other especially when dealing with local SEO, say Australia or United States. You can therefore set your budget higher on high converting days.

Lastly, you can use automation to label and name conventions. Labelling can take a lot of your time which you could save with automation. If, for instance, you need to test Google ads scripts in the US, you can label certain ads with reference to a given phrase.

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